There are 0 dogs listed for sale at the moment.  However, there are currently 2 young dogs being trained that will be for sale in the near future, both English Pointers.  Below are some various pictures of those dogs.  Please contact us with questions on them.  When a dog is at a good spot training/development wise, there will be a for sale listing on this page with specifics about the dog.

Sold Dogs


Ziggy - Male German Shorthaired Pointer


Ziggy is a well trained boy.  He's "Whoa" trained and has a nice natural retrieve.  He has successfully hunted wild Pheasants, Sharptails, Huns, and Chukars.  He handles very well in the field and hunts nicely as a team player.  He has an excellent recall, he can be turned in the field, or "Whoaed."  All of which can be reinforced with low level ecollar cues.  He loves water as well and could certainly be utilized as a versatile dog for waterfowl as well.  He's fully crate trained and travels well in the dog box.  He's registered both AKC and NAVHDA.  He scored a perfect 112 on his NAVHDA Natural Ability test at well under 1 year old.  This is a handsome, well bred, well trained dog with a lot of natural talent and a great disposition.  Don't hesitate to reach out with questions if you're looking for a dog that's ready to go hunting and/or trialing.

Cherry - Female English Pointer
Moose - Male German Shorthair
Sasha - Female German Shorthair
Jake - Male German Shorthair

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