• Build your dog's inherent prey drive and prepare him for formal training on pigeons at our facility in Montana. Your dog is guaranteed bird contact every outing.  We will utilize pigeons for the great training bird that they are.  During the nesting season, this is the method we must use, in order to leave the wild birds alone while they hatch and raise their broods.

  • $250 per week


  • Build your dog's inherent prey drive and prepare him for formal training on wild Hungarian Partridge, Sharp-tailed Grouse, and Pheasants in Montana. Your dog will have the opportunity to uncover their instincts and fuel their natural bird dog desire.  The amount of birds encountered will depend on your dog's proficiency and general hunting conditions.

  • $250 per week


  • This class takes your dog through the three levels of training (Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced) developed by the legendary Smith family.

  • We will build the foundation and then transition to remote cues in order to steady your dog and develop the fundamental skills every bird dog should know.

  • $250 per week


  • Trained retrieve is offered throughout the year.  We utilize a gentle method that will have your dog reliably fetching on command with enthusiasm.

  • $250 per week


  • You can get your questions answered with hands-on demonstrations.  Learn techniques to help your dog succeed.  Advanced notice is required.

  • $75 per hour


  • In order to ensure quality training, we have limited training spots available.  Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your training needs and to reserve a spot.

  • For the health of all dogs involved, we require that dogs be up do date on vaccinations (DHPP and Lepto, Rabies, Bordatella aka Kennel Cough), dewormer, and flea and tick preventative.


  • Here at Todd Lehner Kennels we train using the HUNTSMITH Silent Command System.  These techniques were developed by Delmar Smith.  His son Rick Smith and nephew Ronnie Smith and others have continued Delmar's ways of improving the system and teaching it to others.  This system allows us to train all upland breeds including pointing dogs, flushing dogs, and retrievers.

  • The first thing we focus on is using birds to bring out the dog's instincts and to fuel the predator inside them.  This is what builds the dog up and allows us to mold them into a hunting partner without losing their interest.

  • Next, we develop points of contact through the use of consistent repetition with a check cord (rope) in order to get the desired responses we want from the dog.  Such responses include turning to go with us, coming back to us, and standing still for pointing dogs, or sitting still for the flushing and retrieving breeds.

  • After we develop the points of contact, we are able transition the cues from a check cord and leather collar to remote controlled electronic collars.  We can then think of the electronic collar like a long, invisible rope that allows us to use low-level stimulation in place of the light tug of a rope.

  • At this point we can then polish the dog to a finish.  We can expect reliable recalling, as well as steadiness on point until we want them to release (i.e. on the shot, or on command), as well as consistent backing (honoring) on other dogs' points, walking at heel, etc.  

  • The above is merely a very brief overview of how we train.  As Todd likes to say, "This stuff is simple, but there's a lot to it."  So please inquire with any questions you might have about how we train.  Also, keep an eye on this site and our Facebook page, as we will have Training Seminars from time to time that will allow you to get some hands on experience and insight into this natural and effective way of training bird dogs.

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